Ways to Support

Every dollar donated to ProAct is directly used to provide programs and services! Check out other ways you can support below.

In Kind Donation
In Kind donations are resources that help ProAct achieve its mission. Please see our Wish List Page for items we are in constant need of.

Please email info@proactcp.org if you are considering an In Kind donation.

Memorial Donations
To remember loved ones by supporting a cause which has a lasting impact to public service, consider a gift to ProAct in their name.

Email info@proactcp.org to submit a Memorial Gift. Put “Gift in Honor of Someone” in the Subject Line.

Donate Via Designated Payroll Contributions Through Annual Employee Campaigns
If you work for an employer that has a workforce campaign, ProAct can be designated by writing the name of our agency if it is not listed as a choice. Contact your employer’s human resources or payroll representative about making designated payroll contributions to ProAct if you have questions.

ProAct is not yet listed on the State web site; however, if you visit www.insecc.org you can request ProAct is added to the list of organizations who receive gifts.

Legacy Gifts and Gift Planning
Planned giving provides substantial tax advantages to donors and leaves a lasting legacy in the community. Our Development Team can work with you and your financial advisor to create a planned gift that best fits you.

To learn more about planned giving options, learn more below or email info@proactcp.org with “Planned Giving” in the subject line.

Learn More

Most planned gifts provide substantial tax advantages to the donor, as well as a lasting legacy to ProAct.


People who support us in their lifetime can choose to carry on giving by leaving a donation in their wills. If you have already created your will, you can create a simple change, called a codicil, to add ProAct as your beneficiary.

Through your will, you can give:

  • A specific sum of money or specific property.
  • A percentage of your total estate.
  • All or a percentage of the remainder after all other bequests are satisfied.

Retirement Plans

You can name ProAct as a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan to receive a designated amount or percentage of assets you wish to be used for charitable purposes. If you are 59.5 years of age, you may make withdrawals (no early withdrawal penalty) to fund your charitable gifts. If you are at least 70.5 years, you may direct that your mandatory withdrawal amount be used to make a charitable gift on a tax-free basis.

Life Insurance
You can name ProAct as a beneficiary in an existing life insurance policy or purchase a new policy and designate ProAct as a beneficiary.

Life Income Gifts
These gifts provide a stream of income to you or your designated beneficiary as well as current and future income, capital gains and estate benefits. They include: Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, and Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts.

Charitable Lead Trust
This trust is similar to the Charitable Remainder Trust above, except that the trust income is directed to ProAct for a term designated by the donor. At the end of the term, the assets are returned to you or your designated beneficiary.

Gifts of Stock
A gift of stock can provide much-needed support for ProAct to advance its mission (and you can take advantage of significant tax benefits). For more information please email info@proactcp.org with “Gift of Stock” in the subject line.

Consider making a gift to ProAct to start an endowment fund and help ProAct impact disadvantaged youth through public service to create a more welcoming, engaging Indianapolis community for years to come.

For more information please email info@proactcp.org with “Endowment” in the subject line.

By Fundraising
If you have a knack for event planning, consider hosting a ProAct fundraising event at your home, work, school, or your neighborhood park! There is no limit for fundraising ideas, so let your creativity roam free. Our donors have hosted cocktail parties, picnics, basketball tournaments,   bike-to-work days, motorcycle chili rides, giveaways, game nights, and more.

To begin your event and sign up to receive your ProAct fundraising starter kit, email info@proactcp.org with “Fundraising” in the subject line.