To help support our ongoing work with youth, we provide services to corporate, educational, and nonprofit institutions that has taken us all over the world conceptualizing, planning, and implementing/managing engaged service projects through our fee for serviceĀ Community Engagement for Business Program. We make it easy for groups to volunteer because we take away the headache in researching high-need communities, planning projects, and handling logistics for a given service day.


ProAct is a service-learning organization which is much more than community service. We focus on being intentional about building and creating relationships through service. Our projects offer great transformational service opportunities that teach servant-leadership.


At ProAct, our employees and volunteers work hard to create and maintain valuable partnerships with schools and other community nonprofits to conduct community service projects around Indianapolis. We focus on building and fostering these relationships so the connections and experiences can be used to positively shape our youth. Students develop a wide range of social and emotional skills that are essential for their success and future that will help them thrive and work hard both inside and outside of school.
We realize that youth need both mentors and peers in their lives that challenge them, but also provide support, share power, and expand possibilities. ProAct redefines the meaning of community service resulting in a profound impact on the students, community and all those involved.
To further differentiate itself and deepen its message of community engagement, your organization or company can launch a groundbreaking initiative that integrates community service, impact assessment, and professional development. Such an initiative would set your company apart from others in its field and enable the organization to make a profound difference in the lives of your employees.
By leading projects and providing education, ProAct can lead your company to achieve your community engagement goals. At the same time, ProAct can relieve the logistical pressures on the staff leaders of your organization.