Corporate Champion

Corporate Partners work with ProAct to enhance corporate volunteerism, diversify and broaden new financial support within the community, and formalize job shadowing and summer work experiences for junior and senior high school Participants.

Here is what we expect from each of our Partners:

Impact on Community Members

Before meeting ProAct After completing a ProAct project
  • Think of economically disadvantaged youth as people who may make an uplifting but fleeting impact on the neighborhood.
  • Have little respect for the skills or commitment level of youth.
  • Appreciate the help but are unaware about how much planning goes into a well-run service project.
  • Respect the youth as people who commit to doing the job well and thoroughly, who return to make sure the service project will have a lasting impact, and who design and run the project with a concern for the needs and history of the neighborhood.
  • Respect the skills the youth apply in terms of project planning, general labor, and communications.
  • Understand that ProAct’s work takes weeks of planning, fundraising, training, and community research.
  • Apply existing skills to a project.
  • Learn skills in planning logistics, tracking and motivating volunteers, and ensuring high-quality results to meet ProAct’s expectations.
  • Care about seeing the community improve.
  • Take the initiative in pursing ways to improve the community.
  • Treat volunteers with respect and gratitude.
  • Care about sharing advice and perspective with volunteers who are new to the neighborhood.

Learn More

Although ProAct’s primary purpose is to keep youth on track to graduate from high school by providing them a holistic educational experience, our larger goal is to support the creation of a larger talent pool for Central Indiana businesses and strengthen the vitality of Indianapolis by connecting our efforts in service-learning to local workforce development needs. Our average Program Participant has completed over 200 hours of community service by the time they become a Junior or Senior in high school; thereby, they have had over 200 hours of gaining transferrable skills they can take into the workforce. While the ProAct experience  currently includes career exploration opportunities during our #ProfessionalSaturday workshops, research also indicates that high school students who gain real-life work experience prior to graduation are more likely to enroll in college and obtain a post-secondary degree (Mortimer, The Benefits and Risks of Adolescent Employment, 2010).

By working with Corporate Partners, our youth participants will have increased opportunities to gain meaningful work experiences through formalized job shadowing, college internships, or part-time summer employment to further help them identify and follow their personal pathways to successful careers. For many of our Participants, ProAct’s Corporate Partners will provide their first work experience, and an opportunity to build key job skills, first-hand knowledge about career fields of interest, potential employment networks, and an employment history. ProAct knows that this strategy will benefit not only our bright, young Program Participants by helping them to identify career paths and, in turn, make more informed college choices, but also local employers who are seeking affordable strategies to broaden their workforce, and who also have a keen interest in building Indiana’s talent pipeline.

Corporate Partners will also have the opportunity to volunteer alongside our Program Participants during #ServiceSaturday projects to increase their Community Engagement Initiatives and bridge the generational gap among our city’s youth. Ask about our Adopt-a-School Program!

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