Community Champion

As part of our community outreach efforts we strive to partner with those community organizations and grassroots initiatives that support and serve our Program Participants by giving them consistent opportunities to volunteer, or are committed to supporting and creating the transformation of our educational, service-learning outcomes for our Indianapolis youth.

Here is what we expect from each of our Partners:

Impact on Community Members

Before meeting ProAct After a ProAct project
  • Think of economically disadvantaged youth as people who may make an uplifting but fleeting impact on the neighborhood.
  • Have little respect for the skills or commitment level of youth.
  • Appreciate the help but are unaware of how much planning goes into a well-run service project.
  • Respect the youth as people who commit to doing the job well and thoroughly, who return to make sure the service project will have a lasting impact, and who design and run the project with a concern for the needs and history of the neighborhood.
  • Respect the skills the youth apply in terms of project planning, general labor, and communications.
  • Understand that ProAct’s work takes weeks of planning, fundraising, training, and community research.
  • Apply existing skills to a project.
  • Learn skills in planning logistics, tracking and motivating volunteers, and ensuring high-quality results to meet ProAct’s expectations.
  • Care about seeing the community improve.
  • Take the initiative in pursing ways to improve the community.
  • Treat volunteers with respect and gratitude.
  • Care about sharing advice and perspective with volunteers who are new to the neighborhood.

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To this end, we work with:

    • Our elementary, middle and high School Partners to identify improved ways to get the “word” out about our program to encourage the highest possible participation all the while supporting the academic and character development of our Program Participants;
    • Community and Neighborhood Development Organizations interested in rebuilding the moral and physical fabric of our neighborhoods by organizing a service project our youth may participate in that would encourage adults and youth to work together. We value generational gaps being narrowed as our adult volunteers work to mentor our students in the field while oftentimes teaching a new skill;
    • Service Clubs and other Volunteer organizations that are willing to actively integrate our goals and program model with their culture;
    • Government officials and agencies committed to educational attainment.

If you would like to become a ProAct and have ideas as to how to come alongside of us in support our mission, please feel out the form below.

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