Our partners are champions. 

We have conducted projects on playground construction, food distribution, neighborhood beautification, gardening, and other subjects in collaboration with local nonprofits, businesses, and education centers.

Each partnership is unique, however, each has the goal of engaging youth in public service that educates, delights, and inspires the youth and those they serve. 

Corporate ChampionBecome a Corporate Partner!

Corporate Partners work with Pro(ACT) to enhance corporate volunteerism, diversify and broaden new financial support within the community, and formalize job shadowing and summer work experiences for junior and senior high school Participants.

Community ChampionBecome a Community Partner

As part of our community outreach efforts we strive to partner with those community organizations and grassroots initiatives that support and serve our Program Participants by giving them consistent opportunities to serve.

Education ChampionBecome a Partner in Education!

We want our youth to have a broad, holistic educational experience and we depend on our friends in education to help us inform our Program Participants as to why education needs to remain a valued asset in their lives.