Our Staff

ProAct has an eclectic, cohesive, innovative Staff who share the same passion and dedication to youth service. Our staff is exceptional at providing an experience you will never forget!

Derrin Slack, Founder and Executive Director

Felege Hiywot CenterWhile on a college mission trip to Botswana, Africa, Derrin Slack experienced the power of giving back to others and wondered how his life would have been different had he been exposed to service at a younger age, thus, ProAct was born.

After working a promising career as a Medical Informatics Trainer, Mr. Slack left his job to pursue his passion full time. Serving as the Executive Director of ProAct Indy, Mr. Slack acts as the senior representative for donors, volunteers, youth program participants and other stakeholders and is responsible for upholding their interests.

In the purest interpretation of the organization’s principles, the success of the organization is the sole interest of the youth as ProAct’s youth participants are not the recipients of community service, they are the creators and givers and community service – a tenet that truly makes ProAct unique.

Mr. Slack is a full time officer whom takes a hands-on role in the organization’s day-to-day management. In this role, Mr. Slack is responsible for establishing and cultivating strong business relationships with Corporate partners and Nonprofit thought and community leaders. His role includes identifying, developing and leading new community partnerships for ProAct and partner community organizations.

His strong background in nonprofit management and research, allows him to act as the conduit between the needs of the community and the capabilities of ProAct to address those needs. Under his leadership, ProAct has engaged over 4,000 boys and girls in community service in a little under five years, and the organization has seen large strides in transforming youth and redefining what it means to serve for them and adults alike.

For more information on how ProAct can be utilized to transform your community by planning a service project(s) or how your corporate organization can easily engage with communities in need and invest in our city’s most vulnerable youth through ProAct’s Social Engagement for Business program, Derrin can be reached at derrin@proactcp.org or by phone/text at 317.457.6799.


Staff Member Interview

1. What does “service” mean to you?

Service means sharing your talents, your personality, and your thoughts with others in order to help make them better. Service means leaving an impression on each person you meet so that they will never forget you and what you stand for in life.

2. Why did you want to join Pro(ACT)?

In founding this organization, I wanted to expose youth to something greater than themselves and show them, at a young age, what giving back to others and their community can do to change their lives. Service to myself, others, and my community changed my life when I was in college and that is how I’ve seen many lives changed as well. So I founded this organization not only because I saw how instrumental it was to serve others, but because I made it my life’s mission to spend my time serving others.

3. Name one interesting fact or experience about you?

I have had many interesting moments in my life, but perhaps my most interesting experience would have to be going to Botswana, Africa on a mission trip where I first realized my life’s mission.

4. What is your favorite type of service?

My passion for service rests with youth. I love their innocence and I love contributing positively to their growth in some way. I firmly believe that our youth are our greatest resource; we must nurture them and protect them so that they may one day protect us.

5. What is one thing you want people to remember about you after you meet them?

I want people to remember that I genuinely care about all them, so much so that my light, given by none other than God, shines on them enough to warm their heart and soul. I want people to learn at least one thing from me and know that my passion for helping them in whatever way I can is understood and taken advantage of.

Ellen Miller, Director of Social Engagement