Impact Stories

Impact Stories

Since ProAct was founded, we have been gratefully supported with the gifts needed to make our vision a reality. Your donation goes a long way as 100% of donations go towards programming to create a more engaging, welcoming Indianapolis community. Here are a few stories of our impact.

Recognizing Youth Impact

“I have been honored to have youth from ProAct serve as volunteers at the Rivoli Park Labyrinth … It is clear that these young people are learning the “why” behind the service that they are performing. As they were putting in approximately 170 service hours at the Rivoli Park Labyrinth, they were living out the values of integrity and humility…


“…While the youth and their chaperon’s were moving mulch and dirt, weeding or planting grass seed they reflected on what they gained from these volunteer acts. Some comments that I heard were about community connection, confidence, and the fun of teamwork…this team is mobilized by a far-reaching and impactful vision of instilling the value of service and making a difference in a variety of communities and situations. I look forward to continuing to serve my neighborhood and areas of need city-wide with the help of the professional expertise of ProAct. Please support this organization in whatever way you can!”

Lisa Boyles, Founder of Rivoli Park Labyrinth

Nothing Else Like Pro(ACT)

“One of the priorities and greatest challenges for Starfish Initiative is to expose our Scholars to high-quality, meaningful civic engagement opportunities in Indianapolis. Typically we simply notify our matches when we learn about opportunities in the community, and we have long desired to plan and execute our own event. We have not had the manpower nor the expertise to facilitate such a program in our 11 year history…


“…Therefore, our new partnership with ProAct has been highly beneficial for Starfish as they have the tools, resources, and expertise to fill this void within our program. ProAct facilitated a service learning opportunity for over 100 Starfish participants. Their staff planned, facilitated, and debriefed the event, and our Scholars and staff reviewed the program very highly. Starfish Initiative strongly supports the mission of ProAct and highly encourages donors and community leaders to help advance its cause. To my knowledge, there is no other entity in Central Indiana that provides this service.

Rodney Frederick, Chief Program Officer, Starfish Initiative

We want to Hear From You!

Have you served with us before? Worked alongside one of our youth groups? Have a child or family member involved in one of our programs? We want to know how we have made an impact on your life or the life of a loved one…

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